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Application Documents

Below are the required documents based on your subscription type.


  • Installation Number / Meter Barcode Number / An old bill of the location for subscription
  • Original Copy of the Identity Card (to be checked for identity authentication only and then to be returned to the customer.)
  • Full Name / Title of the Property Owner (If natural person, Turkish Identity Number; if entity, Tax Identification Number must also be submitted.)
  • Tax Registration Certificate (Tax no. tax office, business title)
  • Trade registry no. and the name of the trade registry office
  • If the natural person / legal entity that will complete the procedure is different, a Power of Attorney / Signatory Circular / Certificate of Inheritance depending on the situation
  • A document proving the right of use for the new tenant (Both the original copy and a photocopy of the Rental Contract or Deed must be submitted.)

A currently valid DASK (Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool) Policy Number (required for Commercial Buildings / Business Centers / Administrative Services / Educational Centers, etc.; a DASK policy is not compulsory for buildings which are wholly used for commercial and industrial purposes.)


  • Letter of application
  • Installation number (if it is the first subscription, work completion document is required.)
  • Turkish identity number of the authorized person
  • Signatory circular
  • Industrial registry certificate
  • Additional documents based on subscription sub-groups
  • Induction and Arc Furnaces: Official document regarding the activity
  • Treatment Facilities: Document from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry


  • Installation Number / Meter Barcode Number / An old bill of the location for subscription
  • Original Copy of the Identity Card (of the authorized person in case of legal entities)
  • Original copy of the permit or license for water usage ( if the water is obtained from underground resources or taken from aboveground resources, a document for using underground water or a water usage permit from the office of State Hydraulic Works)
  • A document issued by Provincial Directorates of Agriculture proving that irrigation is for agricultural purposes
  • For subscriptions in the name of unions and cooperatives, documents relating to the establishment and management of the union
  • In addition to these, if the applicant is a legal entity, a certificate of authorization from the board of directors of the company or a notarized power of attorney and signatory circular, as well as corporate seal
  • A document to show that they work in one of the areas of activity listed in the relevant article of the Law (In the Procedures and Principles for Tariff Practices of Contracted Retail Sales Companies and Legal Entities That Hold a Distribution License, “Article 5 -“(3) This subscription group includes milk collection centers, cattle breeding businesses, cattle milk businesses, sheep and goat businesses, broiler chicken coop, layer hen coop, breeding coop, commercial turkey coop, commercial goose coop, commercial quail coop, commercial duck coop, aquafarming businesses, hatchery businesses and greenhouses, which operate in compliance with the document obtained from relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.)


  • Base stations: A document issued by the Telecommunications Authority
  • Short-term (temporary) subscription: Permit issued by the municipality/governor’s office/district governor’s office
  • Billboards: Permit issued by the municipality/relevant authority
  • Office of embassy commercial attaché: Certificate of authorization/permit by the embassy
  • Private communication: A document issued by the Telecommunications Authority
  • Businesses with tourism certificates: Permit issued by the Ministry of Tourism
  • Treatment facilities: Document issued by the relevant authority
  • Joint use of businesses: Notarized copy of the board decision
  • Sole proprietorship: Tax number / Tax inspection form
  • Place of worship: A letter from the Office of Mufti

Frequently Asked Questions

Deposit amount, cut-off/connection fee and stamp duty are charged for all contract applications.

Duly signed contracts will be registered within the same day and the distribution company will be informed. The electricity will be supplied by the distribution company within 24 hours for housing settlement areas and within 48 hours outside housing settlement areas, starting from the date of notification or the date on which the obligation towards the distribution company is fulfilled.

As per Article 48 of the Regulation on Electricity Market Consumer Services, electricity subscription contracts must be in the name of the actual user.

The contracted supplier requests a deposit amount as a set-off for potential debts that may occur if the consumer fails to pay the electricity consumption fee in cases where the place of use changes and/or the retail sales contract ends or is terminated. Deposit amount of the consumer who signed a contract with the contracted supplier is calculated based on the unit price that is determined on a kW basis for each subscription group and comes into effect upon the board approval of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), considering the power at the installation or the place of use. This must be paid after submitting the contract application.

You can give the deposit amount in cash or as a definite letter of guarantee unlimited in time to be obtained from a bank.

Article 11 of the Disaster Insurances Law No. 6305 states: “For water and electricity subscriptions for buildings covered by the mandatory earthquake insurance and for the independent sections, existence of a compulsory earthquake insurance is checked by the relevant institution. For electricity subscription installation (connection agreement) and subscriber change (retail sales contract) processes of buildings that were independently built as residential places on a real estate, as well as the residential places subject to construction servitude or property ownership established under the Property Ownership Law No. 634, it must first be confirmed that there is a compulsory earthquake insurance taken out. Without such confirmation, subscription process cannot be completed.” As per these provisions, DASK is obligatory under legal practices.

The following situations are defined as illegal use of electricity in Article 48 of the Regulation on Consumer Services. The Consumer shall be deemed to have consumed illegal electrical energy if they a) have used electrical energy outside the scope of their consumer group, without any application to the relevant legal entities, b) have used electrical energy by paying the bills issued in the name of the previous consumer, without any retail sales contract or bilateral agreement in their own name, c) have provided electrical energy to third parties from their own electrical installation after the measuring point, outside the provision set out in paragraph six of Article 6, ç) have replaced the power transformer but failed to notify the relevant legal entities of such replacement in writing within 15 days, d) have seen an increase by over 20% in the connection power of their own plant(s), but have failed to apply to the relevant license holder legal entity as per the relevant legislation or failed to fulfill their obligations under the relevant legislation despite having been applied to such license holder legal entity, except for consumers in the residential consumer group.

Our Company will inform the distribution company within the same day. The distribution company will cut off the electricity supply to the place of use by obtaining the last index values within a maximum of one day following the date of notification for housing and settlement areas and within a maximum of two days following the date of notification outside housing and settlement areas. Once the index values are obtained, they will be reported to the contracted supplier within the following day. If all your debts are paid, our Company will refund your deposit amount and terminate your subscription within five business days.