Energy Glossary

Energy Terms Glossary

You can read the terms more easily with the glossary we created for the descriptions and use areas of energy terms, as well as the calculation methods.


It refers to the facility, grid or equipment that is used or ready to be used for generating, transmitting or distributing electrical energy.


Turkish Electricity Trading and Contracting Company

Trading Limits

These limits refer to the maximum hourly permissible transmission capacity limits for trading electricity, excluding the transmission capacity that is not allowed to be used for technical, security or similar reasons between proposal areas.

Commercial Transaction Approval

It refers to the notifications that the market operator sends to each market participant upon calculation of the Final Market Clearing Price for each proposal area and that contain the purchase-sales amounts determined for the relevant market participant.

Wholesale Electricity Market

It refers to the electricity markets where wholesale purchasing/selling transactions are carried out for electrical energy, capacity or their derivative products, such as the bilateral agreements market or the day-ahead market organized by the market and/or system operator, balancing energy market or subsidiary services market.

Reconciliation Period

It is the time period for reconciliation actions.


It refers to the calculation of the receivables and debts resulting from the balancing mechanism and/or energy imbalance, and the preparation of relevant receivable-debt notices.

Electrical Energy Delivery Point for Reconciliation

It is a transmission system connection point where traction or export is performed and that is subject to transmission system loss.


It refers to each production group that can input and reject load independently, as well as the share of each gas turbine and generator for combined cycle plants, and of the steam turbine and generator that will work in connection with the gas turbine and generator.

Production Plant

It is a plant where electrical energy is generated.

Production Plant

It is the process of converting electricity resources to electrical energy at production plants.

Subsidiary Services

It refers to the services defined in the Electrical Grid Regulation.

Load Input Order

It is a notification, which is sent by the system operator or the Market Operator to the market participants who participate in the balancing energy market, for load inputs of such participants.

Load Input Proposal Price

It is the unit price requested for load input by the market participants who participate in the balancing energy market.

Load Input Proposal Amount

It is the amount of production increase or consumption reduction that the market participants who participate in the balancing energy market propose to make in the relevant balancing unit.