Bereket Energy is sponsor for World Energy Congress

09/10/2016 11:00

World Energy Congress coordinated by World Energy Council to make energy troubles and solutions understandable globally, was taken place in Istanbul between 9 and 13 October 2016. Bereket Energy was one of gold sponsors of World Energy Congress called ‘Most important energy meeting of world’ and became the company making investment on renewable energy generation to contribute into energy of country. Participants from Egypt, China, Russia, India, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Azerbaijan, Austria, Korea, Ethiopia and Bosnia-Herzegovina showed great attention to Bereket Energy stand. Approximately ten thousand people including world’s leading industry leaders, international institutions, media, academicians and representatives of energy unions, attended.

 Congress organized by World Energy Council Turkish National Committee (WEC-TNC) in Istanbul, gathered key people of global energy sector. The main theme of congress is ‘Embrace New Horizons’. Congress was home to Ministries of Energy from all around the world searching options for providing national, regional and global renewable energy, special sessions such as ‘Future Energy Leaders’ and ‘Energy Trinity’ summits and dialogs opening among leaders of business, finance and academy worlds.

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