Aydem is deemed worthy of an ‘Equity on Employment’ award.

17/08/2016 09:00

Aydem is reached to 1006 employment by 2016. 52 percent of them is women. The company increased its directrice ratio to %53 considering that 23 out of 44 directors is women. Aydem is deemed worthy of an award regarding to employment with the ratio increase of women employment by Capital Journal and Change Leaders Association (CLA).

Aydem got first place among ‘Companies Increasing the Employment the Most’ in the survey on ‘Capital 500 the Greatest 500 Private Companies of Turkey’ conducted last year. Ceyhan Saldanlı, Chairman of Board of Management, who took the award on behalf of Aydem at ceremony and explicated “We provide sustainable success with energy taken from our employee. We, as Bereket Energy Group, give great importance to production and employment in our sector. In this regard, being first on employment increase among 500 companies is proud.”

Aydem continues to gain reward with equitable ratio on employee number and its power on employment.

2016 CLA Award is presented to Seda Tınas, Urla Area Manager, on behalf of Aydem. Aslı Olgunlar, CLA General Manager, mentioned her views on reward given to Aydem as follows; “Aydem is a company which value to women role in business life and support this. Aydem not only mentions this but also gives performances. Addition, Aydem continues to take important steps on women employment.”