Private Cooperation from Yapı Kredi and Gediz Electricity to Farmers

15/04/2016 16:54

Within the framework of protocol signed between Gediz Electricity and Yapı Kredi, farmers supplying their electricity from Gediz Electricity Retail Sales Corporation within the scope of their agricultural activities could pay their electricity invoice costs with Yapı Kredi Verimli Kart.

On Behalf of Gediz Electricity Retail Sales Corporation, Mustafa Demir, Customer Relationship Manager, and Zafer Eren, Head of Yapı Kredi Retail Banking Sales Management attended to the signatory ceremony conducted at the General Directorate of Gediz Electricity.

At signatory ceremony Mustafa Demir, Customer Relationship Manager of Gediz Electricity Retail Sales Corporation, mentioned that this cooperation is an important opportunity for Agricultural Irrigation Customers in Izmir and Manisa. Mustafa Demir continued; “Due to the fact that electricity cost is one of factors increasing cost of agricultural production in our district where irrigated farming is often used, we developed this project to provide convenience to our customers for their invoice payments. Therefore, our agricultural irrigation customers could make payment with Yapı Kredi Verimli Kart at Customer Relations Centers and if they want they are able to pay with an instalment plan.”

Zafer Eren, Head of Yapı Kredi Retail Banking Sales Management made evaluations in relation to cooperation agreement said; “We, as Yapı Kredi, serve to our customers countrywide with wide branch network. Contributing to meet our customers’ needs, making various collaborations in our branches’ locations, is among our priorities making various cooperations in locations where our branches are also available. We form innovative works on these areas in parallel with capacity and production increase in recent years. Our experts in electricity field offer in Aegean Region would offer advantages financial options providing consultancy service on agriculture and livestock breeding. Thanks to our signed protocol, farmers supplying electricity from Gediz Electricity Retail Sales Corporation could benefit from the advantage of reimbursement postponement until harvest date paying their invoice payments via Verimli Kart.”

Mr. Eren also mentioned that they would continue to take our manufacturers’ and farmers’ side with their consultancy services and all kind of financial opportunities, to form more productive businesses and to support agriculture and livestock breeding sector.