Information Security Policy

Gediz Electricity Retail Inc. (GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY), where information is evaluated as a critical asset that has to be protected, it is of paramount importance that the information must be properly protected. The most important criteria for success in today's conditions are ensuring the security of the information and enabling the right people to access the information at the right time. GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY is committed to ensuring that the security of the possessed information is handled within the framework of a management system, thanks to appropriate controls and proactive measures. The problems that may arise from information systems threats (such as loss, theft, damage and access by unauthorized people, altering of the information, malicious software, cyber attacks, hackers and informational espionage, unauthorized access, loss) will cause serious problems in terms of the Company's responsibilities and hinder its activities gravely. A significant amount of disruption. GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY is aware of all these threats and protects its informational assets against threats.

GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY has to ensure the security of personal data and informational assets in order to fulfill its responsibilities towards regulators and company partners, primarily customers. In all contracts signed by GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY, including employee contracts, it is stated that all information that can be associated with the company is “confidential information that must be protected” and the consequences of a violation are stated. GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY, has created an Information Security Policy in order to prevent security breaches, to protect all corporate data stored on computer systems and on print media, and to ensure confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all relevant data. GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY employees' responsibilities to protect information are also specified in the relevant policy. This policy, along with the principles and measures set out in related procedures and other appendices represent valid objectives defined for GEDİZ ELECTRİCİTY.

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