Obligation of signing Retail Sales Agreement

27/02/2017 10:00

Dear customers,

In compliance with the Articles 8 and 21 of Electricity Market Customer Services Regulation, you must contact our company in 10 workdays after this notice is placed, in order to pay the security deposit and to inform us of your current identification, address, and contact information. The retail contract signed with our company may be terminated by the consumer at any time without any justification and without penalty.
We would like to notify you that, if you do not contact our company in the indicated time frame to make the deposit payment and to inform us of your identity, address and contact information, your electric energy supply may be discontinued.


“Signing of retail sales agreement under the last resource supply”

Article 10 – (1) "In the case of termination of bilateral agreement of eligible consumer purchasing electricity energy and/or/ capacity with bilateral agreement, the related supplier in charge is responsible for providing electricity energy and/or capacity to the said consumer under the last resource supply.
(2) Under the first paragraph, the said eligible consumer is required to make application to the related supplier in charge to sign retail sales agreement within fifteen working days following the notice date of the related supplier in charge. The said agreement enters in force from the date on which supply of electricity energy and/or capacity starts under the last resource supply.
(3) In the case of not signing retail sales agreement during the period mentioned in Article 10 and 32, this case does not remove the obligation to pay consumption invoice arranged by the related supplier in charge. Electricity of consumer can be cut off if the said invoice is not paid after the second notice in accordance with Article 15.”

Illegal Electricity Energy Consumption
Article 32
ğ) "Although consumer is purchasing electricity under bilateral agreement and is included in the scope of the last resource supply, consumer is considered as consuming illegal electricity energy in the case of not applying to thee related supplier in charge to sign retail sales agreement relation to the last resource supply within the period mention in this article and Article 10 of Regulation.”

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