Subscription Information Update

30/01/2017 09:00

Our Valuable Customers,

In accordance with amendment on Electricity Market Legislation, being updated your user information is constituted legal necessity for benefitting from discounted electricity advantage and not having trouble on services.
Our customers may update their information by using the Information Update tab under Customer Services in our website, by visiting the nearest Customer Relation Centers (MİM) or calling our Call Center at 0850 800 0 186.

As a result of Regulation about Amendment on Balancing and Reconciliation Regulation and Electricity Market Law and Secondary Legislation numbered 6446 which comes into effect on 1 February 2017 and published in the official gazette on 14 January 2017, if your subscription is in the name of a real person Turkish Republic identity number or foreigner identity number in the user information is required to be updated, if it is in the name of legal entity, tax identification number, designated person’s name and surname, Turkish Republic identity number or foreigner identity number are required to be updated in the user information.
By Privacy Act numbered 6698 and published in the Official Gazette numbered 29677 on 7 April 2016, all kinds of required technical and administrative measures for proper security levels are taken by our company with the aim of;
Article 12 – (1)
a) preventing to process illegal personal data,
b) preventing to access personal data illegally,
c) providing personal data protection.

We would like to thank you for your sensitivity and wish you days full of energy.

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