Press Release Regarding Electricity Fraudulents

29/04/2015 08:41

Dear Customers,

It has been detected that our customers in the cities and districts whom we provide retail electricty service are called by some people and state they call from Gediz Electricity and allege that they would make 30% discount in customers’ electricity bills. Accordingly they try to obtain customers’ personal information and within this scope they state that the customers are required to send some documents to their address through cargo or couriers in return for 15-45 TL and hence they try to cheat our customers. We would like to express that such people and organizations making calls within this scope have got no relations with our company thus in order not to experience a possible victimization we would kindly request that such deceptive promises are not considered, personal information are not shared and not any payment is made.

For the kind attention of the public.