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Aydem Academy
Our time to access information has shortened due to unhindered speed of technology and our equipment and development opportunities have increased. Our company which believes in that power of education is one of the most important factors increasing work productivity along with enhancement of horizons of the individuals, provides its users digital education platform service with education contents in different categories. Thanks to online education service provided to you by Aydem Academy without requiring a physical environment you will have an opportunity for individual dynamic information flow provided where you select the venue and time. Aydem Academy with the aim of enabling its users achieve their career objectives, become leaders by becoming prominent in daily and social life serves all customers of Aydem and Gediz. Our users who would like to expertise in their fields with the trainings they could receive through Aydem Academy under the headings personal development, professional development, information technologies and finance have the opportunity to develop themselves and shape on their careers. Our company which always aims to give the best and most qualified service to its all individual and corporate customers, provides you with Aydem Academy an opportunity to annex the certificates you acquire when you accomplish the training to your CVs. For further information please visit our website

Aydem Shop
Aydem Shop which integrates energy efficiency into our lives by utilizing innovative technologies is an e-commerce website where we sell smart devices for facilitating the lives of our customers. You may easily obtain our products from our website with a qualification of achieving saving with which you would protect your electronic devices and calculate your electricity consumption. For further information please visit our website

Aydem Forest
As Aydem Family we adopt priority subject of our corporate activities as human and nature. In our Aydem Forest Project which we started with the objective to contribute to environmental conditions of our region and leave for the next generations the greatest heritage with clean nature, 10.000 red pine saplings met with the soil within an area of 60.000 square meter. Aydem Forest has given a life again to the forest with the young saplings for recovery of the harm given by the fire set in a vast field in vicinity of Karakoca Village on İzmir Manisa Highway in 2013. In our project where planting phase has been accomplished, task of maintenance and rejuvenation of the trees harmed have been undertaken by us. For further information please visit our website

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