Our Group Companies

Bereket Energy Production Corporation
Bereket Energy was established in 1995 on Bereket stream from which it has acquired its name in order to generate electricity from local and renewable sources. Besides that it is the first private hydroelectric power plant established in Turkey, Bereket Energy that has been continuing developing itself from past to present benefits from its experienced personnel and local resources. By utilizing Turkey’s hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal and landfill gas potential electricity generation is provided. Preparation of feasibility reports, establishment of power plants, design, installation and operation are conducted by the organization itself. The organization’s fundamental priority in energy generation is to benefit from wasted local resources, protect environment, and contribute to utilization and creation of advanced technology. Yatağan Thermal Power Plant operated by Bereket Energy Generation Corporation is the second largest power plant in Muğla. And another power plant belonging to Bereket Energy Generation Corporation, Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant, is the second largest power plant in the province of Zonguldak. Besides, the facility is the eleventh largest lignite thermal power plant in Turkey. Bereket Energy which is among outstanding energy organizations of the World with its technological accumulation and investment for 2023 vision progresses towards its targets without compromising on innovation, team work, supervenience principles of rules and ethical values.

Bereket Geothermal Energy Generation Corporation
It was established to contribute to benefitting from rich geothermal resources of our country. Firstly it started working on geothermal heating of residences in district of Sarayköy in Denizli. Within the scope of the project currently there are 5000 residences heated with geothermal energy.

Elsan Electrical Devices Industry and Trade Corporation
Elsan was established in Denizli in 1980 and with its 30.000 tons annual capacity it primarily produces enamel coated coil wire and variety of electrical materials. In addition to constantly increasing customer satisfaction it has adopted to achieve the highest productivity and quality criteria at universal scales as the primary principle. Through utilizing the current energy resources in the most productive way it provides effective energy usage without compromising on comfort. Vision of the company is to facilitate each moment of life and create stakeholders feeling honoured with the company’s existence and its mission is to produce electromagnetic wire in a way that is sensitive to society and environment with advanced machinery, innovative management systems and competent staff for the establishments which desire to contribute value to life with their products.
Tümaş Marble
Tümaş Marble with its products, quality, reliability, quarries and factories producing 24 hours with advanced technology is one of the greatest natural stone producers of Turkey since 1986. Tümaş Marble provides materials for many projects in Turkey and abroad and also it rapidly increases its production and investments. Tümaş Corporation has the honour of providing marble to worldwide known more than 100 five-star hotels and many monumental buildings and it exports marble to seven continents.
Pınarım Food and Durable Consumption Goods Industry and Trade Limited Corporation
Pınarım Food Limited Corporation operating in the field of distributing food and convenience goods was established in 1999. Since 2000 it also carries out the dealership of Pınar in Denizli, Muğla and in the affiliated districts of Muğla. Pınarım Food offers service with total covered storage area of 10.000 square meter in Denizli, 1.200 square meter of covered storage area in Marmaris and its fleet of 100 vehicles. While its sales network all furnished with mobile computers, printers and POS devices targets customer satisfaction it also acts with the principle of service, quality and reliance.
Aytaş Shoes Side Industry and Trade Corporation
Aytaş Shoes which was established with the aim to produce special products used in shoe manufacturing and meet necessities of the shoes industry in 1992 sustains to be one of the most significant providers of the sector since 31 years.

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